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About Us

DEMA Creative Production s.r.o.

We create adverts and other sound and image messages since 1990.

We are based in our own production house since 2003 with a video atelier, two picture

studios and one recording studio.

5 reasons to choose DEMA:

1 - Creativity

Together with our clients we search for a creative and at the same time effective

solutions. There is always a dialog in the beginning.

2 - Economy

Not only does a good idea have to catch the attention on the target audience, but also

save money in the end.

3 - Flexibility

In our branch of buisness, it is difficult to plan out details ahead of time.

Everyting constantly changes during realization.

4 - Speed

Investments in advertising in a long planned mission. Campaign details are planned in

detail and the production and post-production of the spot is postponed. We often work with

tight schedules.

5 - Reliablility

With this being said, all deadlines are binding for us - there must be a finished

product ready to broadcast on the given day.