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Floor dimensions of the video atelier are 9x5 meters - 45 square meters.

Celling hight is 3.2 meters. If needed, camera distance can be extended up to 11 meters.


Keying background - 2 x asymmetric lamp Minirama - 1200 W

Key lights - 4x flurescent lights 220 W (Kino Flo)

2 x video lamps with Fresnel lens ARRI T1 - 1000 W

2x halogen video light Kaiser 600 - 1000 W

Backlight, details: 2 x Dedo light with dimmers


Video atelier has walls with acoustic adjustments

There is no unpleasant hall effect while recoring actors and capturing synchronized sound.

Parking and amenities

Our production house is located in a quiet street where you can easily park. It is also possible to park in our yard. The 3-story house includes a dressing room, make-up room and kitchenette at your disposal. A joiner and locksmith workshop is also available for crafting properties and constructions.