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Company video shooting

We offer:

Speed; we will film your video in the shortest time possible.

Thanks to our in house possibilities, we can finish sound and image detailing at once

We react to any amendment requirement instantly

Possibility to film in our atelier on white or color keying background

We will ask you for/about:

Who is the target audience for the video and where will it be presented?

What shoud the target audience mainly focus on in the video?

Who will have the main role or what will be the main subject in the video

Do you have a similar video that may serve as a reference?

Where can we save on your budget; on the other hand, what shoud we not save on?

Consider especially the following:

  • Performers (actor, expert, figurant)

  • Location (interior, exterior, atelier)

  • The number of filming days

  • Footage length

  • Technologies used (camera type, crane, lights etc.)

  • Efects and subtitles (animation style, complexity of camera tricks etc.)

  • off-stage commentary (voice-over)

  • Language versions (other subtitle versions, dubbing)

  • Background music (copyrights, music library)

Our experienced advice:

A good idea is an irreplacable asset

If you save money by skipping services of a professional dubber, you will never get the right result

Attend the shooting in person - that is the best way you can affect the result