Česká verze webu

Postproduction, adaptation, dubbing

We offer:

A creative engineer/animator with a decade of experience in advertisement production

An experienced dubbing director and a swift sound engineer.

We will ask you for/about:

Is an international master available (clear version)?

Do you have a spot preview available in .mpg format?

Will we switch the packshot, or just amend it?

Would you like to create a new tag on?

Are we going to record a czech/slovak version of the product? (Pack, label, blister)

Are we going to replace the original subtitles for czech/slovak ones?

Do you have a voice in mind for casting (voice brief)?

Our experienced advice:

A cogent translation is important for perfect adaptation. Send us your text before shooting and we will adjust it for lip-sync.

If you cut a professional dubber out of the budget, you will never get close to the quality of the adapted original

Attend the shooting in person - that is the best way you can affect the result