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Price list

Approximate prices below. Negotiated price for broader or long term projects.

Renting our atelier with variable keying background 4000 CZK per day
Ligthing equipment for rent from 1000 CZK per day
Cameras from 2000 CZK per day
Recoding studio    from 600 CZK per hour
Sound engineer    400 CZK per hour
Image studio - editing    from 800 CZK per hour
Image studio - animation 2D, 3D 1000 CZK per hour
Editor, animator 400 CZK
Sound director 1000 CZK per spot
Creation of broadcasting copies - including the studio operator 1000 CZK per hour
Broadcasting copies DBTC, XDCAM    750 CZK
Voice casting - up to 5 voices    1000 CZK
Musical dramaturgy - Music Library collection    600 CZK