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Radio advertisement

We offer:

Proposals from a creative copywriter

Voice casting from our extensive database

An experienced broadcasting director

A swift sound engineer with more than 12 years of experience with mixing radio spots

A broad choice of background music from renowned Music Library publishers

We will ask you for/about:

Is your spot assigment in a creative brief, or is there a prepared script/text and you need a price quote?

If no brief is available, can you describe your other advertising activities?

Do you have a voice in mind for voice casting?

Are you considering a sung jingle - also for additional use?

Our experienced advice:

Sung or rhymed text is easier to remember

Amateurs and half-actors do not have the necessary credibility in their voice

Listeners will not always recognize a famous face by their voice

A loud voice in the radio does not mean the spot will be more listened to.