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Shooting an advetisment spot

We Offer:

Experience with filming advertisements since 1990

Cooperation with renown advertisment directors

Speed - we will create a quality spot in the shortest possible time

Sound and image final detailing is done at once thanks to our in house possibilites

We react to all change requirements instantly

We will ask you for/about:

Is you spot assigment in a creative brief, or is there a prepared narration? Eventually, would you like a price quote for a specific script?

How large is your campaign (the investment in creating the spot should correspond with broadness of your campaign)

What technique should we use

Which director, cameraman, eventually composer should we choose?

In addition we will be interested in the following:

Choice of actors - casting - in case of a feature spot

Environment - studio/interior, space renting, exterior etc.

Technical aspects - camera type, moving camera, crane, drone...

Animated spot - 2D, 3D, product animation, time-lapse, pixelization

Advanced post-production - tricks, efects, sub-titles, animation

Advice we can give based on experience:

Our experienced advice:

A good idea is an irreplacable asset

Dont be afraid to distinguish yourself from competiton

An unclear storyboard causes unnecessary misunderstanding

Dont leave the creation of your spot for the last moment