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Sound post-production

We offer:

An experienced voice-dubbing director

A swift sound engineer with more than 12 years of experience with mixing audio spots

A large choice of background music from renowned Music Library publishers

We will ask you for/about:

Is an internationional master available (clear version)?

Do you have a specific request (voice brief) for voice casting

Will you have background music as part of the audio mixing?

On which sound effects should we concentrate (SFX)?

Our experienced advice:

Translation is the biggest challenge of an adaptation. If you send us your text

beforehand, we will adjust it for the right lip-sync.

Timecode in the text can significantly speed up the recording process

If you cut a professional dubber out of the budget, you will never get close to the quality of the adapted original

Attend the recording session in person - that way you can affect results the most.